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FOR THE PAST SEVERAL WEEKS, I have been fraught with a perturbing impetus to outline a project — a life project. That is, to outline a particular set of concerns, etc., that I see myself continuing to examine and interact with throughout my life’s work. Frankly, it has been quite frustrating. There has been a sense of weariness and fear of self-pretension, and while this concern has not gone away, neither has the unnerving propulsion (or desire) to outline this “project”. To a certain degree, I think it will be helpful for me, in the sense that my work will have a more narrow focus, rather than being impetuous, spontaneous, and sporadic. Over the next several weeks, I hope to begin narrowing down my concerns, so that I might be able to elucidate for myself a coherent project, and begin to focus more critically in those specific areas. At the present moment, and this has been a consistent theme, there are three areas — and, yes, I am aware of their broad scope — with which I am concerned: philosophy, theology, and hermeneutics.


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Whether in the academy, the church, or the world, one must continue their education in order to maintain an ever increasing competency in their field of study, or vocation. There are many, however, for whom (for various reasons) there is not enough time to attend a university, graduate program, etc. Since I am taking a semester off between an undergraduate and a masters, I am wanting to continue to research in several fields of study that I was unable to take courses in during my bachelors: about two years ago I came across the gold-mine that is itunesU. There are a significant number of universities from around the world (e.g., UC-Berkeley, Duke, Emory, Harvard, Yale, Fuller, Oxford, Cambridge, Tubingen, etc.) offering courses in almost any subject that one could desire: politics, philosophy, theology, languages, literature, economics, ecology, mathematics, physics, etc.

Anyway, if you aren’t taking any courses this semester (or if you are and want to look into other courses, or just eavesdrop in on what classes are like at other academic institutions), I would suggest you check it out, take notes, and read along. Keep on keeping on and continue your education!

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